About Suto

Atisuto Creations was created by well known Twitch streamer and content creator HalieAtisuto. Halie absorbed the name after becoming a full time streamer on the platform back in early 2014. Suto has become her artist and collaboration name. 

Suto states that she has always been an artist. She had spent many years in esports doing high detail graphics and custom apparel before becoming streamer HalieAtisuto. Prior in her young child and young adulthood Suto always had experience and skill in various mediums of art. Using her imagination and passion she was able to use all her prior skills and her growth from her Twitch platform to build a business around the cultures that she has become most passionate about. ex gaming/esports, music/rap culture.

Suto has spent the last 2 years working on her canvas craft and was able to become the advocate for art on the Twitch platform. For example she has been hired by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Which is an American video game developer and publisher. She has been exclusively asked to live paint at events such as Astralwerks record label company live release parties & Capital Records album release parties, rap concerts, and charitable events like GuardianCon. Down to big brand collaborations like custom work with Cooler Master Co., Ltd. a computer hardware manufacturer and even as wild as food chain KFC hiring her to make custom canvas art for promotion.

Between all this Suto has always had a big passion for shoes and has saved up quite the collection over the years and has decided to use her love and passion for music and sneakers to start her own line of customs "SutoxSneakers" Starting in the hypebeast culture and world surrounding it Suto has been able to build up a quick list of large profile clients including rappers: BabyGoth, Guapdad4000, 24kgoldn, Yung Pinch and many more to come.